Questions about our Course

We believe that there is no such thing as a "stupid" question. In keeping with that philosophy, we asked each student to ask one or two questions anonymously during class. Because the questions from both sections were very similar we are sharing the answers with all who are interest.

Q. Will there be a lot of homework?

A. Unfortunately, yes. This course involves not only literature, but vocabulary and grammar. Most nights will require independent reading at home, which will, on occassion, include the completion of a writing assignment as well. Vocabulary exercises and grammar application assignments will also occur during the semester. This course moves quickly, so if you are unsure of what is due for homework you can always check our weekly agenda page on the wikispace.

Q. Are there quizzes with the books?

A. Yes. After every evening reading assignment you will have a brief quiz that will assess if you have read and comprehend what had occured. We will go over the answers to the quiz that same day and elaborate on any points that have confused the class.

Q. How will we read "MacBeth?"

A. Since "MacBeth" and "The Crucible" are both plays, we will do the majority of the reading in class. Be ready to show your theatrical side when we pull out the props and call on actors to read the parts.

Q. How many group projects will there be?

A. We haven't actually counted every single one, but there will be numerous ones throughout the semester. Some will be short, in class activities, while others may be more elaborate presentations. In most cases we will probably pick the groups, but we do want to give the class several chances to work with people they would prefer.

Q. Are we going to watch movies?

A. Yes. Since it is very helpful to "see" what the authors were writing, we will watch both film adaptations of the novels & plays, but also watch some documentaries that will help the class "picture" the world at the time piece was written, or the setting for the plot.

Q. I'm not very good with grammar. Are we going to work with this more?

A. Writing, like any skill, improves with practice. We have chosen to combine teaching the class the vocabulary with the grammar lessons so you will have a better opportunity to apply the grammar lessons in authentic writing exercises. Because we will also be preparing you for the HSPA Diagnostics in March, you will have a number of opportunities to develop these skills.

Q. Will we be doing a genre paper?

A. We will not be doing a paper on a specific genre, however we will be doing two papers that will focus on different literary aspects of the works. It might focus on the characters, the themes or the symbols that appear in the novels.

Q. Will there be any type of notebook check in this class?

A. Although we will not have formal notebook checks, we will periodically run through the class to verify you are organized and have all the materials you need to complete a project.

Q. Do you offer extra credit?

A. It is a HCRHS policy NOT to offer extra credit on any assignment.

Q. When are midterms?

A. At this time midterms are scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 5 & Monday, Nov. 10th (these are the days before and after the NJEA break).

Q. Will we have seat changes in the future?

A. Absolutely! However, we may only make a handful of changes at a time rather than mixing up the entire class at one time. So be prepared :)

Q. How long do we have to finish a book?

A. That will depend on the length of the book. We are attempting to keep the average number of pages to 20 a night. So in the case of "To Kill a Mockingbird," our first book, we anticipate finishing the whole novel on or about September 26th.